Wimbledon Community Association (WCA) is a local charity, which, for many years, ran a successful community centre in St. George’s Road, Wimbledon. Unfortunately the centre was closed down in 2012 due to ever increasing running and maintenance costs and the premises falling into disrepair. Having disposed of its interest in the old centre the WCA undertook a review of its future options as well as extensive consultation with local user groups and venue providers.

Instead of investing in actual premises at this time, the new Board of Trustees decided to build a website aimed at connecting people with venues that offer community space for hire in and around Wimbledon.

Since the closure of the old community centre, the charity has been run by a small group of Trustees and a Secretary, all of whom are unpaid. One paid employee has been appointed to help the Board with the day-to-day running of the charity. In addition, a web designer has been retained to build and manage the website.

Details of our Trustees, Secretary, Staff and associated arrangements are provided under the ‘Who we Are’ section.


The Wimbledon Community Association was founded in 1946 by a local group headed by Sir Cyril Black MP with the aim to promote the well-being of the broad community based around Wimbledon, to further cultural, social and physical welfare, and to foster a spirit of mutual service and friendship.

An independent registered charity, it is non-party political, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory on any social grounds.

Until the site in St Georges Road was closed about 100 groups used to use the centre annually. These covered a multitude of self-help, leisure, educational, health, consultancy and sporting enterprises embracing all age groups and backgrounds.

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