AFC Wimbledon’s Action Plan

AFC Wimbledon fans are providing support to the local community during the coronavirus outbreak. A group of supporters, many of whom were part of the Plough Lane Bond that has so far raised over £5million towards the costs of Dons’ new stadium, are helping those in need across Merton.

They have drawn up an action plan to help individuals and families who have been left stranded in self-isolation by coronavirus.

The supporters, who can be found on Twitter using the handle @DonsLocalAction, have made an urgent public appeal for food and cleansing products to be dropped off on Saturday at two landmark venues – the Alexandra pub in Wimbledon and Old Ruts sports club in Merton Park.

They are also offering to run errands, pick up prescriptions, do the shopping, walk dogs, give people lifts and provide as much help as possible across the entire borough.

“We want people to drop off essentials like cereals, soup, pasta and rice, fruit, tinned food, biscuits, tea, coffee and soft drinks, chocolate bars, snacks – all the stuff you’d normally have in your kitchen cabinets,” said spokesman Xavier Wiggins.

“We’ve got an army of volunteers ready to get out there and start helping people – and if anyone else wants to join us, then great.

“We’re just ordinary football fans who want to reach people who are housebound, or simply too frightened now to open their front doors. 

“We want them to know there are friends out there they can depend on.

“Coronavirus has already forced matches to be cancelled across the country.

“With no games to go too, this feels like a really positive way of spending the spare time we’ve all suddenly got at the weekends.”

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