Library of Things & Circular Economy

At Library of Things, the circular economy means creating a desirable alternative to wasteful consumerism.

Did you know that 80% of the household items we own are used less than once a month?

This level of buying and consumption means we are rapidly using up our planet’s natural resources to produce a load of stuff we don’t really need to own.

Because things are not built to last, they end up in landfill once they break or when we are done using them. But this model is not sustainable – for our environment or our bank accounts.

There is an alternative … the circular economy!

3 Minute Read – What is the Circular Economy?

When you share items with neighbours, or mend something rather than throw it away, you’re playing an important role in building an economy that works for people and the planet.

Learn how the circular economy works, why ownership isn’t the only way to access the items we need, and how you can make a difference.

We’re partnering with communities to host skillshare workshops. Here’s why.

60% of borrowers tell us they are more likely to recycle and repair having borrowed. Learning repair and mending skills is an important part of moving towards a circular economy.

That’s why we’re working towards being a platform and amplifier for local organisations and people sharing practical skills.

This week, we ran our first free community skillshare sessions in Hackney Wick after the pandemic. Barley @fabricationshackney ran a fantastic sewing workshop focusing on mending and repair, and Danny kicked off an Intro DIY skills course.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us to offer skills workshops or other activities in your area, please email hello@morden-library-of-things.

⚒️ Things to Borrow for Mending or Upcycling

Got something that needs mending, repairing or a restoration project? Check out the Things you can borrow to get your project moving.

Borrow DIY tools 
Borrow the sewing machine

Are you set for Glastonbury next weekend?

Tents reportedly make up 17% of waste from UK festivals that ends up in landfill. Abigail needed a tent for a festival so instead of buying one, borrowed our tent.

Borrow the tent

Missed out on tickets? Borrow our projectorprojector screen and gazebo to create your own festival setup and tune into the BBC coverage with your mates.
Borrow entertainment things

Remember, when you borrow you get £10 free Zipcar credit, or save 20% on PedalMe cargo bike delivery. More here on how you can save on transport when you borrow.

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