Girls Into Coding In-Person Event

In-Person Girls into Coding Events are back!

Girls into Coding are hosting a free, in-person event on Sunday, 28 November 2021 in Wimbledon.

Girls into Coding are delighted to invite you to their first IN-PERSON event since the start of the pandemic. Their mission is to get more girls involved in tech, by creating stimulating opportunities and events to engage girls to consider further STEM activities, studies, and careers.

After repeatedly observing that the majority of attendees at my workshops were boys, I was determined to encourage more girls to give STEM a go. So, I decided to set up a series of events targeting girls. I came up with the idea of “Girls Into Coding”. These events offer girls aged 1- 14 an opportunity to explore coding, physical computing and robotics. With my mum, we reach out to other female role models in STEM careers, inviting them to give lightning talks at Girls Into Coding events.

Founder of Girls Into Coding, Avye Couloute

The event, aimed at girls aged 10-14, is free and will take place on Sunday, 28 November, from 2.30pm to 5pm, at Mansel Road Centre, 1 Mansel Road, London, SW19 4AA.

Book your (free) ticket at Eventbrite. Places are limited & operate on a first come first served basis.

Event Details

Participants need to choose 1 of 5 exciting workshops. There will also be lightning talks to inspire & encourage girls aged 10 -14 to get involved in tech.

Each participant can only book one workshop because they will run simultaneously. You will be able to explore coding activities, robotics, 3D printing/design, electronics, and physical computing using the BBC Micro: bit and the Raspberry Pi (tiny computers). This is a fantastic opportunity to use Python (text-based language) and Microsoft Makecode, while getting some hands-on making time.

A Bit about the workshops

Workshop#1: Build a hand-held camera. We’ll put together a Raspberry Pi, mini-screen, and a few buttons. Add a camera module. We’ll program your camera to take pictures and review images. Add enhanced features, like time-lapse!

Workshop #2: Grabber Robot With Micro:bit

Build a robot powered by the Microbit that can be used as a grabber.

You will build the robot, adding different components, and wiring it all up. Then program the robot using Microsoft MakeCode.


Basic working knowledge of block-based code but beginners are welcome!

Workshop#3: Introduction to 3D Design, 3D Scanning & 3D Printing

A hands-on workshop using 3D design software. The main focus will be on establishing the basic skills needed for 3D modelling. Please bring your own storage device (USB, SD card or portable hard-drive) to save your work.

Workshop #4: Learning to move a robot arm

This is going to be a fun activity building a 3D printed robot arm and learning how to make it move. On our journey, we will learn about all its components and what they do. We will learn about how to position the robot arm using code (this is called Kinematics), and then we will code the robot arm so that we can experience and understand how this works in real life! We will be using Micropython for this activity. Level: Intermediate with basic knowledge of Python

Workshop #5: Physical Computing with Circuit Playground Express

Use capacitive touch to make music with the Circuit Playground Express and a DIY cardboard keyboard, and code musical tones onto the board using Adafruit Makecode.

Experience: Beginners are welcome!

About Girls Into Coding

Find out more about this Mother and Daughter team and the events and other resources they offer at: Coding events for girls aged 10 to 14 in London | Girls Into Coding.

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