The Coronavirus Rap

The Coronavirus Rap
by Alexander and Jil Hall

When I first heard of this virus it just passed me by
I did not realise the effect on my life

Now I’m stuck in my house for 24/7
If you think that is bad, you would be forgiven

I’m screaming, I’m streaming; and I don’t mean with cold
Watching so many films now my life is on hold

I don’t really mind, but I do miss my friends
This isolation is cool, but for what it portends

My gran is at risk and you know what that means
She’s old but she’s sound; she’s made of good genes

But I worry about all the vulnerable folk
Who can’t get their groceries; for them it’s no joke

With stockpiling rife and shopping gone mad
We need to be careful, be good; don’t be bad

Think of others before yourselves and take care
Don’t strip those supermarket shelves til they’re bare

We all need those things, the essentials of life
Some people don’t think; their selfishness is rife

If we help out each other, it won’t be no bind
So do what is right and always be kind.

Stay safe everyone.

By Alexander (and his Mum)

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