Our Space, Our Place

Our Space, Our Place
A Poem by Jenny Burrett, Trustee, Wimbledon Community Association/Wimblecomm 

Quarantine, never seen

Quite as we know now before.

Inside! where have you been?

Come in and close the door!

Streets once loud are now still,

Skies richer blue overhead

Worry, worry, feel ill,

Or take your chance instead!

Make the most of what you’ve got,

Full, filling every day

How can this become a lot?

What can’t be taken away?

Spread your heart in any way, 

Let your spirit fill the space

Love and messages every day,

Spread a smile from your face.

Be practical, it is an art,

Keep a structure in your time

Make your steps small and smart,

And somehow you’ll be fine.

Believe we will find a way,

To solve this all together,

Be mindful in what you say,

Help to bring brighter weather.

Very soon, we will meet again,

Back in our community space,

Knowing more about ourselves then,

Of the value of space and place.

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