Happy Valentine’s Day

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All you need is love…

Valentine’s Day. A day when traditionally people show their feelings for the ones they love, generally getting us to think only of a singular romantic focus of attention.

In a country, and indeed a world, where continual angry bickering is seemingly on the increase on social media and beyond, wouldn’t it be nice to take a step back and claim Valentine’s Day for a wider purpose? And start showing some unconditional love to one another as well as to those we already adore?

Once upon a time – at school I think – I learnt about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. According to Maslow love and belonging sit somewhere in the middle of our human needs between physiological & safety concerns at the bottom and esteem / self-actualisation at the top.

However, love is such a precious commodity who could argue with the concept that love is really what all of us are striving for in one form or another? Above everything else. Given it is such a primal force of our existence Isn’t it time we started showing a bit more love, respect and tolerance for one another on-line and in person.

Let’s start it at a local level here in Wimbledon, in Merton and with anyone we engage with more widely. If you ever feel the need to vent your anger or disapproval towards someone on the internet or even in person verbally because you think they’ve done something wrong or horrible just stop. Think about what they’ve said or done and respond differently. Look at it from their perspective and offer just that little bit of love. There are times to be blunt and even angry, but stop and ask yourself is this the right time and place to do that?

If we all tried to show a little bit more understanding in the world we might all get on just a little bit better together.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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