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Merton Uplift Mental Health Week

Merton Uplift hosted their own Mental Health Week in the lead up to this year’s World Mental Health Day which fell on Saturday 10th October 2020. Throughout the week, they shared some great ways for us to better connect with ourselves and each other to encourage better mental health for all. Although some of these acts may not be perceived as anything out of the ordinary, they are certainly welcome reminders for many.

Merton Uplift Mental Health Week Giving



As we said on our social media, giving is not all about money and can be one of the most powerful ways to connect with others. “Giving is gold-dust for our mental health and wellbeing.”

If you would like some inspiration on how to give, in relation to how much time you have, check out the next image for some hints and tips.



Merton Uplift Mental Health Week - Giving



Smile at someone you walk past

Volunteer with a charity – we are always looking for people to help spread the word of Wimblecomm and make it the best Community Hub for Merton. Interested? Click here.

Give your time and support to someone by listening to them, mentoring them, or offering support on a project


Merton Uplift Mental Health Week Keep Learning




Learning is a fundamental part of life and some of the greatest lessons that we learn come outside of a classroom or educational establishment. Whether you are learning through conversations with others, listening to a podcast, or from life experiences, you are still learning.



Merton Uplift Mental Health Week Be Active




Being active is simply moving about, and so many of us do this naturally every day. How active have you been today?




Merton Uplift Mental Health Week Take Notice Self Awareness




This is all about being aware of the present moment and appreciating the things that bring you joy today. All too often, we find ourselves planning the future and forgetting that there are good things in every day.



We hope this article has shown you that looking after your mental health and wellbeing can become a part of your everyday routine. We also hope this has reminded you of how well you are doing every day. If you want to find out more about the mental health and wellbeing support that is available to people in Merton, click here to contact Merton Uplift today.

You can also visit their official website at and follow them on Twitter, and Instagram for daily hints and tips.

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