How the Wimblecomm Network Connects Its Members

Wimblecomm offers a selection of membership packages that cater to community venues, organisations, and groups across Merton. One of the greatest aspects of our membership is becoming part of the Wimblecomm network, where we actively connect members with one another.

The First Connection – Wimblecomm Team
We welcome every new member that signs up for membership and begin conversations that help us understand their needs and how we can best support them through their chosen membership package. Through actions from both parties, the membership then becomes a two-way conversation where members share information with us, and we spread the word through Wimblecomm.

Connections With the Wimblecomm Network
Although everyone has their own focus and agenda, all of our members have one thing in common, and that is to cater to the Merton community. By bringing everyone together in our online networking sessions, we create a safe space where people can share their current projects and ideas and make requests for what they need. This often leads to mutually beneficial conversations where ideas and honest feedback are shared. Even when it does not directly lead to the formation of a project, it’s always beautiful to watch different groups become aware of each other’s work and acknowledge potential collaborations.

Connections Beyond Wimblecomm
Understanding what our members do allows us to recommend them when we receive enquiries from the public or get contacted about new opportunities for people in Merton. We share these opportunities with our members directly, recommend them to others, and/or advise them on what’s available through our regular mail-outs.

If they know what each other do having been connected during one of our networking sessions, they can also confidently do this for each other, which further strengthens the bond between the entire Merton community.

These are just a few examples of how communities across Merton are benefitting from being connected with us. As always, we invite local people to keep using our free online Community Hub Wimblecomm to discover what’s happening in Merton, and connect with local people, places and passions.

Click here to visit our Homepage, click here if you’re a group or organisation that wants to join our network, and click here for community stories that share our charity’s 75 year history of connecting people across Merton.

Written by Genevieve Etienne-Farrell

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