Visits to Wimbledon Community Centre in 1946 – Lucy Norman

Wimbledon Community Centre was a venue that welcomed people from all walks of life, and essentially brought the local community together. Below are some writings from Lucy Norman (submitted by grandson Michael Norman Smith) which were influenced by her regular visits to the premises from around 1946. They are a lovely reminder of our charity’s former home and show how varied a visit to the Wimbledon Community Centre could be.

Wimbledon Community Centre as a useful place…

“The community centre is a very useful place and has events there of all the societies, unions, classes, concerts etc of Wimbledon and area, although of course many more professional groups of musical and scientific nature meet.” – Lucy Norman

Bingo at Wimbledon Community Centre

Granny (as Michael refers to her) seemed quite ashamed of herself for attending Bingo and was least impressed by the timekeeping of the organisers. Although, she did manage to win something in the end and saved enough for bus fare!

“My dear, I hate wasting time and I am taking part in the silly diversion called Bingo. But while we are waiting for it to begin, I usually – as now – write letters. The buzz of converse before we begin is deafening. We are not starting even now. It is 20 minutes to 3 and it supposed to begin at 2.30.” – Lucy Norman

Wimbledon Community Centre as a place to meet and connect with people…

“Life in a place like London is so very complicated, which of course makes it interesting, but also expensive. Through the community centre, one makes lots of acquaintances. Not many friends on visiting terms. True, the centre is a blessing because it does a great choice of interests, classes etc, etc even so more money would be a help. Write me occasionally, there’s a dear.” – Lucy Norman

Story submitted by Michael Norman Smith, Lucy Norman’s grandson.


Did you attend any of the above activities at the Wimbledon Community Centre? What did the Wimbledon Community Centre mean to you?

This story is another reminder of how the Wimbledon Community Association has connected people, places, and passions over the past 75 years. If you have any memories of your visits to the Wimbledon Community Centre, or have another story to share, get in touch with us today.

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