Polka Theatre Welcome the Community Back in, & Recognise Wimblecomm as a Local Connector

After 2.5 years of redevelopment, the Polka Theatre is back with a refreshed look and improved accessibility. Still keeping its original spirit and charm, the new building is filled with thank you messages to its donors, and the people who have helped to keep the theatre going over the past 40 years.

Polka see themselves as a hub who are always looking at ways to connect with the community and new people, and they see Wimblecomm as a local resource that helps them to get their messages out, promote their spaces for hire, and bring the community in. Here in Merton, we are fortunate to have this internationally recognised children’s theatre on our doorstep and took this opportunity to get a sneak peek of upcoming productions happening this Christmas and New Year. Watch the full story below.

Visit https://wimbledoncommunity.org/75-stories for more community stories like this, and see how Wimblecomm helps to connect people, places, and passions across Merton.

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