Local Drama and Opera Organisations Featured in Wimbledon Community Association (WCA) Programmes 1950 – 1969

From around 1950/51, the Wimbledon Community Association produced an annual programme which included a list of events, and a directory of organisations that were active in the borough. Some of these went on to meet at the Community Centre after it opened in 1955, and many continued to advertise in the annual programme.

If you or a member of your family belonged to one of these organisations, we’d love to hear from you and document your story to help us celebrate our 75th anniversary. Additionally, if you’re linked to of any of these groups, we’d love to hear from you and reconnect by offering our new Community Group membership.

Below are organisations that were listed in the Drama and Opera categories of Wimbledon Community Association (WCA) programmes between 1950 – 1969.

Ballet Club          1950/51 – 1961/62

Carlton Dramatic Society             1950/51 – 1968/69

CWRA (Music and Drama Group) / Meretune Players              1952/53 – 1968/69

Falkland Players Repertory Company      1952/53 – 1968/69

Guild Players     1950/51 – 1968/69

Light Opera Society         1950/51 – 1968/69

Lyric Players                     1950/51 – 1968/69

Patchwork Company      1967/68 – 1968/69

Repertory Players           1950/51 – 1968/69

Saints, the Company of the         1954/55 – 1960/61

Stage Guild                       1954/55 – 1960/61

Torch Players                   1950/51 – 1968/69

West Wimbledon Players            1956/57 – 1968/69

*Some of these organisations may have existed before or continued long after the dates stated above.

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